Hullut Päivät "Crazy Days" activating influencer campaign

We wanted to bring new aspect to Hullut Päivät "Crazy Days" marketing with the authentic content of influencers. Influencers shared with Instagram-posts their favourite pics from Hullut Päivät selection divided by their category of speciality being fashion, beauty, food and interior. In addition followers were engaged and visibility increased with activating competitions, where shopping money for "Crazy Days" was shared. Influencers' shopping Stories-videos online and in-store finalized the campaign.

Success was outstanding, commitment rate was 11,2% while it is average 5,7% on others Monochrome campaigns. All the influencers produced high quality content that was easy for the followers to identify with and get inspiration.
Concept: Stockmann & Monochrome, Influencer collaboration and execution: Monochrome

Campaign results


Instagram influencers


Instagram posts


Instagram Stories

232 96O


9 53O


2 96O


12 49O

reactions in total

11,2 %

engagement rate

Instagram average 4,1 %

Campaign in social media

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