We produce perfect matches and effective content!

Our expertise is holistic influencer marketing. We offer services from finding the right influencers for your brand and creating influencer marketing campaigns, to strategic conceptualizing and data assessing. We create influencer marketing in all social media platforms: Instagram, blogs, vlogs and podcasts.


Content collaborations

Delivering messages impressively and effectively through social media influencers’ contents – yet it be Instagram, blog, vlog or podcast. We brainstorm and find the most suitable influencers from our 5OO network and take care of everything regarding the influencers and the collaboration (contacting, agreements, instructions, rewards and so on).

Take a peak here of a influencer content collaboration planned and executed by us.

Influencer casting

We find the most relevant influencers for your brand’s needs. Whether you are in need of influencers for a commercial photoshoot or an exhibition opening, we know who to contact!

Have a look of an example from successful influencer casting here.

Influencer events and workshops

We plan and execute tailored workshops and events that engage influencers. How does for example a branded wellness morning or influencers taking part in planning your product offering sound like?

Influencer event can look for example like this.

Commercial photoshoots

You get the most out of the influencer collaboration when everything is visually and strategically in line. We plan and deliver commercial photo and video shoots for your needs cost-effectively.

Get to know our partners here and here.

This is how it works



Together with you we will plan, define target group and set goals for the campaign.



We choose the most compatible influencers from our influencer network.



We agree on the collaboration with the influencers and ensure a successful implementation of the campaign.



Influencers create content and share it on selected channels.



The message is spread to thousands, even hundreds of thousands of interested consumers!



Time to summarise! We measure, analyse and report the results.