Getting to know them – Influencer Interview: Konsta Kettunen

Konsta Kettunen is a 27-year-old, South Helsinki-based, social media fanatic. Konsta, who on Internet goes under the name @monsieursatan or mieskettu (snapchat) describes himself as positive and spontaneous. He enjoys every bit of his everyday life – a life he shares with thousands of people through his social media channels.

Could you tell us about your Instagram name @monsieursatan?
The name came from nowhere – like a bolt from the blue! I thought it sounded nice and it has since been the name I am known under on Internet, Mieskettu is my name only on Snapchat.

Which Emoji do you think describes you the best?


What does social media mean to you?
Social media is very important for me – I couldn’t go a day without using it! It is like a parallel world, I see it as all users mega-brain, where people share and experience together.

What kind of content do think suits social media the best?
Social media has to be as much as possible in the shortest time possible. The more stimuli – the more interesting it gets. For me that means content with both visual and audio features. Nothing is as addictive, and important, as sharing a true feeling.

How much does social media control your life?
Too little! I would like to be even more addicted to social media. Some people don’t consider all situations to need social media, for me those situations are very few. I wish for the automatization to become even more powerful – as soon as I experience something beautiful, it should be shared to social media.


“I would like to be even more addicted to social media. Some people don’t consider all situations to need social media, for me those situations are very few.”


Do you interact with your followers?
Absolutely! I posted a recipe on Snapchat a while back which got a lot of feedback. Over 80 of my followers screenshotted the Snap and then actually sent me their own versions and pictures of them cooking. It was fun to see that people actually got activated and inspired. In general I always try to answer when people reach out to me – I want the conversation to be two sided and to remain loyal to my followers.

What would your dream cooperation be?
My motto is “freelancer of everything”. I am open to try and at least consider all cooperations. But since I believe in authenticity, I want to stand for the brand and the brand to believe in me. I would love to work with Finnair or VR; meet new people at different places and document it on their social media channels.

Photo: R. Kjelseth
Text: Matilde Pelkonen & Sandra Kousa

Getting to know them – Influencer Interview: Patisse A Lody

Last week we met up with the lovely and energetic Patisse A Lody, @mspatisse, a Helsinki based stylist, Instagrammer and it-girl. We talked about her relationship to fashion, Instagram and both previous and upcoming collaborations.

We are sitting in the lifestyle & sneakers boutique Good Kicks, a place you chose, how come?
My best friend Ali is the co-owner of the store, so for me this is like a second home. No matter how good or bad my day has been this is a place where I always can drop by to say hi, hang out and meet my friends. It is a place with inspiring people and a great vibe.

Your Instagram account is very fashion oriented, could you tell us about your relationship to fashion?
I think my interest towards fashion has a lot to do with my previous works and studies. I have worked as a model and studied fashion design in Paris, before dropping off to pursue a career within fashion PR. For me it is bigger than just fashion, the way I dress is a way for me to express myself and to stay confident – a way to show people who I am. I want to share a good energy and inspire people!

How do you create Instagram content?
The last year my focus has been on trying to publish beautiful and high-quality pictures. I am not the classic selfie-girl, even though I do take them sometimes. I usually want the pictures to be more meaningful and through them actually share a story. My Instagram content is very fashion oriented, but I also post pictures of my friends, snapshots from my daily life as well as pictures from the styling work I do. Another important aspect in the creating process is to keep it transparent. If somebody has contributed to a photoshoot I want to make sure they get credit for it. Creating with other women, supporting and lifting each other up is very important to me – girl power all the way!


“I usually want the pictures to be more meaningful and through them actually share a story.”



Who follows you and who do you follow?
I have both Finnish and international male and female followers aged 20 and up. I think men follow me based on my looks and women based on my style. Personally, I follow street style accounts from around the world as well as make-up and hairstyle accounts aimed for dark-skinned girls. My favorite accounts at the moment are @styledujour and @colordujour.

Do you have interests that you don’t shown on your Instagram?
I do! On Instagram I only show a fraction of myself. What I decide to share is what I want people to know. I don’t like the idea of people thinking they know me based on what they see on social media – I am so much more than that! I actually stopped blogging because my readers wanted to know parts of my personal life that I was not ready to share, in that sense Instagram suits me much better.

Could you tell us about previous collaborations that you have done?
Lately I have been working with Puma, Diesel, Monki, Kappahl and Vitamin Well. Many of the collaborations have been with clothing brands, but I am more than willing to try something new. For example I would love to work with make-up brands. In Finland there are very few brands that sell make-up for dark-skinned girls and boys. But there is a growing demand, and if somebody was brave enough to start importing I am sure it would be a hit!

Dream collaboration?
I am originally from Congo and I have not visited since I moved to Finland over 20 years ago. For a long time I have been playing with the thought of making a documentary movie, in collaboration with a production company, when I revisit for the first time. I often think about how I could combine my life here and my life there, and what role your location actually plays in who you are and what you do. Exploring this and being able to document it is a collaboration I would love to do!

Photo: Sanni Riihimäki
Text: Sandra Kousa & Matilde Pelkonen

Study: Celebrities of Instagram – What Type of Content Influences Followers’ Purchase Intentions and Engagement Rate?

Celebrities have been traditionally used in marketing in tv-commercials and as company brand ambassadors for a long time. Celebrity influence on purchase intention has been studied extensively by academics. Along with the rise of social media, a new phenomenon of social media celebrities have emerged to the celebrity scene. Social media celebrities enable a completely new way for marketers to promote their products on the pages of social media celebrities on Instagram, for example. Social media celebrity Instagram accounts are an effective way to reach large audiences, and someone like Selena Gomez has more than 120 million followers on Instagram.

In this study we examined what factors influence the purchase intentions and engagement rate (photo likes divided by followers) of social media celebrities’ followers. The data consists of 414 photos on 46 social media celebrity accounts. The data was collected through Instagram from the Finnish followers of these 46 social media celebrities. From the responses, 541 were validated for the study. In addition, we gathered data from the social media celebrities whether the photos hold sponsored content or not.

Results were derived from the data with quantitative methods primarily by using hierarchical regression models.

Purchase intentions and engagement rates were explained by partially the same and partially different variables. Congruence between the picture and the social media celebrity was the most significant variable explaining purchase intentions. Congruence was also positively related to the engagement rate. However the engagement rate was mostly explained by the age difference between the social media celebrity and the follower. A bigger age difference corresponded to a stronger relation to the engagement rate. From Ohanian’s (1990) characteristic source model (expertise, trustworthiness and attractiveness), expertise was the only characteristic that had a positive relation to purchase intentions. However, trustworthiness and attractiveness were positively related to engagement rate, whereas social media celebrity expertise had a negative relation to engagement rate. Those social media celebrities who had acquired their fame solely on Instagram had strongest relation to engagement rate and purchase intentions, compared to the Instagram celebrities that had previous fame as bloggers or as general celebrities such as models and actresses.

The findings of our study offer several interesting managerial implications as well as future research topics for academics.

Sponsored pictures had a positive relation to purchase intentions, hence marketers should invest in marketing efforts on social media celebrity accounts. The most critical factor for success is finding and selecting the most suitable social media celebrities. In the selection process, the most important criteria should be congruence and fit between the social media celebrity and the sponsored content. Social media celebrity follower amount was not related to purchase intentions nor to engagement rate, so instead of favoring only ‘big stars’, also focus on social media celebrities with smaller follower amounts of so called micro influencers, should be utilized equally. Based on the study results, we recommend transparency on social media celebrity endorsement and disclosing sponsored contents with #collaboration, or some other indicator.

Link to the whole study:

Writers: Emma Naumanen & Matilde Pelkonen
Photo: Sara Sieppi

4 things that can ruin your influencer marketing efforts

As demand for influencer marketing is growing rapidly, it is necessary to differentiate good versus bad influencer marketing practices, so that only the best ones are used to convey brands’ messages to consumers. In our opinion poorly executed influencer marketing brings bad reputation and image to the whole industry. That is why we gathered this list of four pitfalls to avoid when doing influencer marketing.

1. Product or service not suitable for influencer

Based on our experience there is two distinctive situations in which influencer and product do not fit. First is that the product is not appropriate for the influencer, so the influencer does not like and would not normally use the product. This is the case for example with sports supplements and an influencer who does not train. Second one is that the brand image and influencer style are not fitting. However, this is subtle and more difficult to recognize. For example, influencers with a sexy and luxurious style are probably not the best fit for a simple, down to earth brand image. Reasons to avoid this are that the message probably does not have an impact, at least not the desired one, and secondly, it should be remembered that the influencers become brand representatives of the company and their attributes are most probably associated with the brand they are promoting. So choose only influencers whose attributes you actually wish to be associated with your brand.

2. Too strict guidelines on execution

At Monochrome we always believe that it is wisest to leave the professionals to do their core expertise. Respectively, influencers are professionals in content creation for their audience, so for their followers. If the influencers can freely create content in their own style and concept, the content will be for sure more creative, genuine and liked. We always make sure that the chosen influencers understand the essence of the brand and the campaign message. After that we trust our influencers with their job and creativity to create the content and tell the message with their own words and style. Too strict guidelines like asking influencers to write some exact words or take some specific style photos are definitely spotted, as each influencer has their own tone of voice and style which the followers are familiar with and recognize. Fake opinions of the influencers are easily spotted and their trust and interest in the particular brand and the influencer will adjust accordingly. On the other hand, natural interest will for sure transmit to the followers.

Case Healthlab

For instance, in our Healthlab vitamin water campaign we encouraged our influencers to freely express their creativity. In the end we were amazed by the diversity of content they created linked with vitamin water usage: after sauna, to help fight the frost, as a flight essential and combined with yoga, long walks and training sessions for instance. One influencer even wrote a short poem of the importance of taking care of yourself with vitamins! To summarize, so much great and creative content which would not have been created if the guidelines on the execution were too strict.

3. Not reaching the target audience

Another highly important factor that Monochrome considers when choosing the influencers for a campaign is their follower base. It is super important to do the extra research on the demographics of the followers to match with the brand’s targeted consumers. For example, when doing influencer marketing for a local product a collaboration with an influencer with 90% abroad followers is not necessary the smartest choice. Of course, the bigger follower base an influencer has, the more diverse it usually is and 100% accurate targeting is somewhat unrealistic. However, even smaller follower bases might be sometimes unexpectedly different than what assumed. Therefore to have the best impact always double check the follower base of any influencer rather than assume.

4. Not marking commercial collaboration

Last but not least, something that is still too often neglected, but can make a big difference if done properly – telling transparently about commercial collaborations by marking the content as “#collaboration”, “#ad” or “#sponsored” for example. Although the laws of commercial content in influencer marketing are only forming and they vary among different countries, a common attitude from consumers is their appreciation of truth and transparency. When the influencers are open and 100% honest, the followers have more positive attitude towards the content they see. The followers might even become angry when they see a post from influencer without a notification of commercial collaboration or sponsorship, if they suspect that there is one involved anyways. On the other hand, they most probably do not care a bit if something is sponsored or not, they just want to know about it. That is why Monochrome always makes sure that our influencers mark their posts accordingly by using appropriate hashtags. In short, better be safe than sorry!

Writers: Emma Naumanen, Do Yen