We in Monochrome build bridges between brands and over 5OO most popular Finnish Social Media Influencers.

Meet our network of influencers

Why choose influencer marketing?


Be where the consumers are.

We are specialized on Instagram, which is at the moment the fastest growing social media channel that over 1,5 million Finns use.

Liked and targeted marketing.

Influencers’ authentic content is liked and efficient marketing to the selected target group cost-effectively.

92% of consumers trust recommendations most.

When an influencer recommends a product the message is spread to thousands, even hundreds of thousands interested consumers.

Work with Finland’s biggest influencer network.

Our network of over 5OO influencers allows us to find the most compatible influencers and channels to reach your target customers.


Company, contact us! Influencer, join our network!


Micro-influencer collaboration "More time with friends"

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Influencer collaborations and exhibition launch openings for social media influencers

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Content collaboration and photoshoot with Instagram-influencers

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Hullut Päivät "Crazy Days" activating influencer campaign

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New customer acquisition influencer collaboration

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New product launch content collaborations

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Brand ambassador collaboration

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