We create perfect matches and influential content!

We believe that the backbone of effective influencer marketing is the right influencer choices – perfect matches. We offer services from finding the most suitable influencers for your brand and executing creative influencer marketing campaigns to strategic concept creation and data analysis.

Our network includes hundreds of independent influencers and we also collaborate with other agencies in Finland. We specialise in all popular social media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, blogs and podcasts.

Our services


The right brand fit is based on by finding an influencer who shares the brand’s values and who engages the right target audience. Our expertise is to find the most suitable influencers for your brand, who have a majority of their followers in the brand’s market. To ensure the best fit, we work with both, social media content creators and traditional celebrities!


We build creative concepts with emphasis on your brand’s marketing goals on each social media platform. A distinctive and inspirational influencer marketing concept is created by ensuring that the influencer’s insight meets with your brief.


The influencer campaign can be anything from a long-term brand ambassadorship to a tactical marketing campaign. Effective influencer marketing strategies are formulated by assessing your brand’s goals and setting operational details. We help you to ignite your vision.


We provide you comprehensive campaign management that includes measuring all data, documenting the content, and assessing the campaign results for you in the final report. Our years of experience working with influencers has built a strong bond that guarantees a campaign where you can drive with no hands.


Through us you can invite the most relevant influencers to your event, we will take care of sending the invitations as well as media releases. After the event we provide you with a final report that includes analyzing the results of earned media!

This is how it works



Together with you we will plan, define the target group and set goals for the campaign.



We choose the most compatible influencers from our influencer network.



We agree on the collaboration with the influencers and ensure a successful implementation of the campaign.



Influencers create content and share it on selected channels.



The message is spread to thousands, even hundreds of thousands of interested consumers!



Time to summarise! We measure, analyse and report the results.

Why choose influencer marketing?

  • Be where the consumers are
  • Consumers trust recommendations
  • Work with the widest influencer network in Finland

Our open network consists of hundreds of independent influencers and we also collaborate with other agencies.

Our vast network allows us to create versatile digital content, to find the most compatible influencers and channels to engage your target customers. In the core of influencer marketing is the right brand fit.