Is TikTok the next megatrend for influencer marketing?

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Hey! Here you can find my presentation about TikTok, which I’ve presented at Tubecon Industry Day (16.8.2019), talking about how to take advantage of TikTok in Influencer Marketing.

Creating an effective TikTok influencer campaign- 8x Takeaways

  1. Create your own hashtag-challenge.


  2. Use multiple influencers in your campaigns in order to create viral phenomenons, as you never know which videos will hit it off!


  3. Take advantage of the Duet possibility and let influencers create duets to each others TikToks.


  4. Music is in the DNA of TikTok! Make people recognise you via music; choose or create your own anthem!


  5. Differentiate yourself by creating personalized special effects and create contrast by combining them with influencers edgy content.


  6. In TikTok also micro influencers can reach impressive results, since TikTok videos can easily go viral.


  7. Dancing videos are the thing on TikTok – why not create your own dance?


  8. TikTok ties fun and entertainment together into a wholesome mix – reveal the craziness of your brand!



3 reasons why you should take advantage of influencer marketing in TikTok right now!

  1. TikTok is a place where you can reach the Generation Z (notoriously challenging target audience!)
  2. Due to the newness of TikTok, TikTok offers relatively cost effective influencer marketing and advertising space.
  3. TikTok enables you to present your brand in a fun and interesting way.

→ Be ahead of the game and stand out!
(and simultaneously you’ll take advantage of PR)…!


Sorry English speakers, unfortunately the presentation slides are in Finnish – I still suggest you to have a look; a lot of visual content included ;-).

If this sparked your interest and you are willing to hear more about Influencer Marketing in TikTok (or you’re wondering whether TikTok might have the right people for your brand in Finnish markets) don’t hesitate to contact us! It is our pleasure to help you!

Currently we have listed over 100 Finnish tiktokkers and the number keeps on growing all the time.

Written by Matilde Pelkonen, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Monochrome. / +358405702211

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