LIDL Summer Song

A dance challenge in which more than 1 OOO tiktokers participated!

Media agency: Virtamedia
Execution: Monochrome

In the spring of 2O2O, just before the premiere of the new Summer Song, the plans for shooting Lidl’s music video went completely upside down due to the Covid restrictions. Lidl quickly recruited Lidl’s fans for help using different digital channels, one of them being TikTok.

The goal of the TikTok influencer collaboration was to inspire young Finnish people with the influencers’ example videos to participate in the challenge by shooting a dance video and sending it to the @lidlsuomi Summer Song page. During the cooperation week, more than 1,1OO tiktokers published their own Lidl dance video! Lidl compiled a Summer Song music video from the TikTok videos of fans and influencers, which ran throughout the summer in several media.

Eight well-known tiktokers were selected for the collaboration: @sariaalto, @mondaymay, @niko_saarinen, @veetukatja, @mikaelrenwall, @nettaeleonoora, @nellikniivila and @jennaaws. Inspired by them, also several other popular tiktokers with a following of thousands joined the challenge and the message about the dance challenge spread organically even more. The influencers also challenged and cheered each other, which also contributed to the spread of the dance challenge.”OMG GOOD KATJA” “MIKAEL YOU’RE A PRO” “GRANDMA YOU ROCK THIS”.

The recipe for the viral challenge included an energetic crowd of influencers and a clear competition with a motivating prize!



TikTok videos

1 19O

Dance videos


total views in TikTok

1O %

engagement rate

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